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The Song in Your Mind

Have you ever had a song just stuck in your mind and not because it is a catchy song that is playing on the radio non-stop? Do you ever analyze why it is there and what it is trying to tell you?

I noticed for the past several months, that every morning I wake up with one song or another replying in my mind, and no I do not have a radio alarm clock. Many of these songs I haven’t heard in a long time.

I started listening to these songs, their word and meaning and started noticing they normally match where I am in life, what I think about, what I dream about and some just push me in one direction or another.

You must think I am going crazy, I will not blame you, until recently I thought so myself. But what if you wake up for weeks with Let It Go playing in your mind when you have been focusing so much on something that was not happening to the point it made you completely miserable? Or what if you wake up to One Way or Another and realize that instead of focusing on the dream or passion you hold so dear you have been obsessing on how to get there?

I believe the song in your mind, especially the persistent one, is a way for your subconscious to tell you something. Will you start listening now? Will you change your thoughts and actions and welcome the next song that is waiting to guide you? Will you sing along?

What is the song playing in your mind? Please share in the comments below.



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