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Do you know the Secret?

20140724_120146I was fortunate enough to be directed to The Secret Film this week. Saying that this already changed my life is an understatement. The first thing that happened, I was instantly happier, without even doing anything. This was joined by even more optimism than I already had (and I am already an optimist) and then I got this great anticipation for an amazing future.

You must be wondering what the secret is. Well, in three word, law of attraction. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that popped into my head was ‘the 2004 movie?’. Apparently not. The law of attraction is all about how you can completely change your life around by changing what you think about, what you focus on. You attract what you think and more specifically what you feel most strongly about. If you focus on bad things and things that you don’t want, well, what you get is more of that. If you focus on all the things you want, you will get them. The point is, it does not discriminate, you get what you think and feel!

For example, if you focus on how you don’t want to be late, guess what, everything will happen for you to be late. On the other hand, if you focus on how you got to you destination on time, picture yourself getting there all happy five minutes early and see yourself park at that lovely spot near the entrance then that is what will happen.

The three key point are: ask, believe and receive.

First you need to ask for what you want. If you are blessed like my husband and can see in your mind everything you want so clear and realistic you will think you are already there, then you can just keep it in your mind. If you are more like me and your mind produces blurred images, create a vision board. What is a vision board? It is a board (a piece or cardboard, a blank page, the other side of a poster, your wall, whatever you can find) with pictures and items that you want. Do you want a specific car? Cut if out of the brochure/magazine/print it and stick it on your board. Do you want a house? Find/draw/print a picture of what you want and stick it on the board. Do you want money? Write yourself a cheque for that amount, write on your bank statement to show the amount that you want, create a bill with a face value of that amount and stick it on your board. You got the idea, what you want goes on the board. Now place that board somewhere where you will see it often like the ceiling in your bedroom, on the wall in your office, etc.

Second, you have to believe. Twice a day take a few minutes to look at the board and imagine yourself having everything you want. Imagine it with all the feeling you anticipate to have when you get it all. The happiness, excitement, relaxation, gratitude, love. Sit there with the ear to ear grin and just let the emotions fill you. Some things take more than others to happen. A favorite parking space being empty is a quick fix, but ridding yourself of disease might take several months. Do not get discouraged, do not lose faith, keep all your dreams in your mind, keep revisiting your vision board, and it will all happen.

The third one is quite simple, now that the time has come and you got what you wanted, don’t just sit there, act on it, follow it, take it! Some things will require your input, you will know when it happens because you will have this gut feeling or nudge to do something, stop over thinking and doubting, follow your intuition!

Now that you are well on your way, there are two more incredibly powerful tools: gratitude and visualization.

Be grateful for what you already have! When you are grateful for what you have you get more. Would you continue to do something for someone if they were never grateful for what you already done for them? I hope not, same here, be grateful for what you have and you will have more to be grateful for. Also, be grateful for what you want, give thank like it is already yours. Thank the universe for that car like it is already in your driveway.

Visualization I discussed above under my first point. Here I will say, the universe wants you to have what you want and it knows the best, fastest and easiest way to get it to you. So do not interfere by thinking “this will take forever” or “how will that even happen” or start planning all you need to do to get there and get overwhelmed. STOP, and just visualize yourself at the end of the journey, just visualize the ends not the means, let the universe deal with that part, don’t give it any ideas on how to complicate it for you. And again, give thanks like it is all already yours!

If you would like to watch the movie, which I truly recommend, it is on Netflix, or you can watch it online following this link http://thesecret.tv/. There are also books, but I did not read them so I will not discuss them, but if you read them I would love to hear your comments.

So, what is it that you want? Please share your story, what you dream about and your stories about this Secret.

Can’t wait to hear how you got everything you wanted!

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