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Becoming a Highly Effective Person Challenge – Weeks 1 and 2

A very wise man once told that we love the most in others what we already have in ourselves. It was his way to help me find my passions, but this advice works on so many levels. Since I can remember, I always admired effective people. People who make a decision on the spot and follow through.Judging but the countless books, seminars, blogs, etc. out there on how to become and effective person I conclude that a significant part of the worlds’ population has it in them and are just looking for a way to let that effective personality out.

So in efforts to bring that out in me and you I am creating this challenge. I learned that changing too much at once is bound to fail because we just turn our world upside down and start feeling lost and insecure and eventually go back to our old ways. I then decided to do this slowly, it is better if it takes months but sticks then weeks and fails. So one step at a time, over the next several months I will be slowly  introducing new habits that ultimately make me and you highly effective people for life.

It is said that it takes two weeks to break or make a habit. I, therefore, will be doing these changes in 2 week increments in hopes that each change will stick. I will then be building on the previous challenge and adding a new one in the following parts so that at no time there will be more than two changes introduced to make it easy to follow.

The first two weeks then will be an easy change, I hope. In the first two weeks, you and me, will be drinking 1 glass of filtered or mineral water first thing in the morning, before any coffee or anything else. This cup of water will have a little pinch of Himalayan or sea salt in it.

Let me give you a little background behind this change:

  • Water – we get very dehydrated during the night which causes the sluggishness in the morning, so hydrating first thing in the morning will help the body wake up and be more prepared to face a new day and all the tasks at hand. This is just one of many benefits of drinking water.
  • Filtered or mineral – tap water has chlorine and fluoride in it, both of which are poisons to the body and kill enzymes, good bacteria, decrease immune function and much more. Since we are trying to improve our function, we should probably avoid poisoning ourselves first thing in the morning. So I will stick to filtered water (I mean reverse osmosis filter), but feel free to go with mineral, well water, or other clean water.
  • Himalayan or sea salt – salt is a great source of trace minerals which improve brain function and much more. Table salt, however, is so processed that it possesses none of the health benefits, in contrary, it is harmful as it is mostly sodium chloride which causes dehydration, bloating and does not let your cells to properly absorb nutrients. Himalayan salt or sea salt, natural and unrefined, helps regulating water levels in your body, balances acidity, balances blood sugar, increases mineral intake and absorption of nutrients, and improves cellular communication (electrical communication between the cells in the body).

This seems like an easy enough change to adopt and maintain which will make a big difference already. So join me on this challenge to become highly effective people and please share your progress in the comment space below.

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