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Becoming a Highly Effective Person Challenge – Week 2

Thailand 123How did your first week of the challenge go? Did you stick to drinking a glass of nice filtered or mineral water with a pinch of amazing Himalayan or sea salt first thing in the morning? It is just fine if you forgot to here and there, we get busy and developing new talents takes a little time. Great job on sticking to the challenge and taking the first step to becoming a highly effective individual.

My progress was good, I remember to drink the water everyday. I almost forgot one day and decided to make sure I don’t. How did I do it? I took a gallon glass bottle (from an apple cider), cleaned it well (with some salt and soda) and removed the label. I filled that with water and salt and put it in a place I cannot miss (near my coffee mug) along with a glass, now I cannot miss it in the morning before I reach for my coffee mug.

Was the challenge easy for you? Or do you already drink water every morning? There are a few ways to make it even better:

  1.  You can add a little bit of fresh lemon juice to the water. This will help alkalinize  your body in the morning as we tend to become a little acidic overnight and will help you reduce stress and overall increase your sense of well-being.
  2. You can add an extra glass of water. Yes, two glasses of water before you take in anything else. This is a great way to start the day all hydrated and full of minerals. Me for example, I easily forget to drink any water for half of the day so two glasses first thing will help me stay hydrated.
  3. You can stop and take five deep breaths before you drink. You can close your eyes and relax for a moment. Say thank you for the water and the amazing things it does in your body, love the way it sustains life and health. Gratitude goes a long way and taking a mini mental break before drinking your water will help you start your day happier.

Good luck to us in the next week, may it be a great one, and let’s make this first habit stick forever.



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