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A Great One Year Anniversary of a Journey to Bliss

About eleven years ago a book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, somehow appeared in my life. Although now looking back I was still completely in the dark after reading it, the book opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new world, previously completely hidden from me. The book sparked a dim little light at the end of a long tunnel that was previously pitch black. And so began a slow journey to a world of self-discovery, growth and spirituality.

The journey was quite slow for about ten years. My life was slowly changing. Before this journey, I was severely depressed for many years, I was sick A LOT, I hated myself and every part of me, I was in pretty bad relationships, overall life was not pretty. All of a sudden, I was feeling better, I met the love of my life, I was rarely sick, I started eating well, I was more active, I had more energy and more drive. Slowly with a book here and there, some movies, a college nutrition course, just little things came into my life. Until one day, a year ago, I enrolled in a natural nutrition course online which opened my eyes to a whole world of spirituality, energy and much much more. As I researched the resources mentioned in the course, one by one new subjects, people and surprises came into my life.

This week I realized it has only been a year since my accelerated journey began and I was struck by the speed things just rushed into my life. Without even knowing, as I was thinking and talking about each of these new things I learned, many more new resources came into my life. Although I have to admit that in more than one occasion I was completely overwhelmed by the volume of information around me, I was so grateful. Although I cannot learn it all in depth, I do appreciate the opportunity to learn how to select the information I desire and choose my path. I am finally learning to listen to my intuition without it having to scream at me.

Even less than a year ago, I felt lost to school and work. I felt like I completely lost sight of who I am. Trying to do some exercises in order to find my passion in life, I could not come up with anything. One day, the passions just flooded in, I remembered all I loved so deeply and all I wanted to do. This also scared me, being overwhelmed by all these different passions from natural nutrition, horticulture, energy healing, Feng Shui, archaeology, travel, herbology, and many more. I felt like I was schizophrenic. Until that too was solved, it so happens that I am, as so many people are, a multi-passionate person.

This did not help me to find a concrete career path quite yet, but looking back on the last year, I am full of hope and faith. I now know that I need to surrender and take mindful action, no matter how small to keep moving forward and life will unfold beautifully.

So don’t dismiss what comes into your life unexpectedly, embrace it and keep taking action. And always be grateful, because no matter how small, big or inconvenient, every thing is your own creation and a precious gift.

What would you do with extra hours in a day?

Do you often say that there aren’t enough hours in a day? Feel like if you had just a couple more hours you could do this or that? Get enough sleep? Cook a healthy dinner? Exercise? Take on that new project? Start reducing your to do list instead of watching it grow?

I can honestly say yes to all these questions. For a long time I felt like I just have no time to live. Well no more.

There is a wonderful exercise you can do, that does not take a lot of time, but can give you those few extra hours in a day.  What you do is take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you do that give you no benefit, that waste your time, distractions that you can eliminate. This can include:

  • Watching TV, unless you are watching something educational, it is just a waste of time.
  • Playing Facebook games or any other video games, when did you get anything out of that?
  • Facebook in general,especially if you have notifications on your cell phone and it keeps beeping with every single update. Do you need to know that someone you know is eating at a restaurant or see that photo of their cat right when they post it?
  • Grooming, and I don’t mean the normal shower, brushing your teeth, combing your hair. If you spend an hour getting ready every day you need to find a new routine.
  • YouTube, it just sucks you in for hours one video after the next.
  • Shopping, I am talking about the four-hour grocery shopping and hours of any other shopping, do we really need that much stuff?
  • I am sure you can think of other things in your day that you can do without.

Over the last year I slowly started eliminating things that waste my time, but with one thing gone another takes over the time slot. Inspired by the Avicii song The Nights, yesterday morning I woke up and covered my TV with an over-sized towel and deleted all games from my cell phone. This is only day two but I can truly say, I feel liberated. I feel like I actually have time to do things, go places, exercise, learn, read, catch up. When you multiple the hours you spend in a day wasting time and multiple it by the days in a year, it is incredible how much time we just through away. I was spending at least a month a year wasting time. What can you do with an extra month?

So in Avicii’s words “Live a life you will remember”!

What will you eliminate? What will you do with all your free time?



When You Know, You Know

20150507_180518Often I give myself a hard time for not doing more, not exercising more, not picking up new activities, trying, exploring. I thought it was me being shy or lazy. When I commit to something, I follow through, always. Knowing that I think twice, or a hundred times, before committing to anything.

I realized lately that this is incorrect. I commit plenty, and because the commitments become part of my lifestyle I forget I am already doing plenty. We tend to forget the things we are already used to doing and we overlook our progress, our success.

I realized the no matter how shy I think I am, or was, and no matter how I feel about things like confrontation or embarrassment, when it comes to following the important things in life at any cost, I seem to come through.

For example, when I met my husband 10 years ago, I was so shy with guys that in a previous 4 year relationship I almost never called or texted first, I was so shy and insecure that I would never take the first step, never kiss first or do anything. But that day that I saw him, standing there smiling that amazing genuine smile, I just knew he was the ONE. So I asked my friend to introduce us and from that moment on I did many of the firsts and every day I grew to love him more and more, and here we are 10 years later and I still thank the universe for this amazing gift every day. What I did, went against everything that I was but I did it because I just knew.

Another example is my home. For years we had a dream of our perfect home. We both longed for  a home, not a house, but a home. A place where you feel happy, safe, secure. A place to go back to no matter where you are or how long you’ve been gone. A place where no matter what happened to you, you feel comforted and at peace. For two and a half years we looked at listings and viewed houses and nothing came close. Until one day a listing came up.

The moment I saw it I just knew. I insisted we go see it right away. And when we walked on the property, I did not only see my home, but I saw a whole family too. Normally, I am the kind of person who likes to think things over, weight all the options, have all the information. I like to take my time when making a decision. When it came to this house, it was ours two weeks later, no thinking or fussing. And that included a bidding war. I was told that the house was sold and I should keep looking. I just knew this is not the case. I could not comprehend the idea because in my heart and soul this was already my home. So I called back and gave another offer and with a little convincing, it was ours.

Every time I had to get out of my comfort zone because my intuition told me so, I did. Think back, how many of these moments can you remember? How many decisions and commitments did you make that changed your life forever and you rarely think about them now?

Never give yourself a hard time for not doing something, because you do the things that count.

I would so love hearing your story about a life changing moment or decision, please share below.



Beating overwhelm and finding peace

20150419_112153In today’s modern world overwhelm just seems to creep on us from all directions without notice. The inbox fills at an astounding rate, the to do list just seems to grow and grow on top of everything we are already doing and the mind becomes constantly busy with the all the thing we need to do.

This past month was just a build up of all kinds of noise and distractions for me and for a moment there I felt like I lost myself in it all. With bliss as my number one goal right now, here is what I did to start clearing it up:

  • All day long I remind myself to finding something to thank for. Which is becoming easier with the beautiful month of May. I am grateful for all the beautiful flowers around, for my health, my family, the little hummingbirds buzzing around, the sun, every little things that sparks an inner and outer smile.
  • I force myself to take few minutes a day for mindfulness meditation. It is amazing what just a few minutes of being present and giving the brain a break can do for you, every time it amazes me what a difference it makes.
  • I do my best to not get upset with myself for not accomplishing something, we are exactly where we need to be in life and celebrating the little accomplishments is much more productive than thinking about what we did not do.
  • I allow myself as many breaks as I need to go outside into my garden, go for a walk, or just sit there and do nothing. A rested brain will accomplish so much more than a tired one.
  • I have me time at the end of the day for at least 1-2 hours to do what I want like watch a movie, a show, play a game, walk, check on my greenhouse, etc. Deep sleep seems to come easier when I have a break before bed.
  • I take a minute when I get into bed to say thanks and to visualize the few things I want accomplished the next day. This is not list building or thinking about what I did not do. It goes more like this: “Tomorrow I would like to… 1, 2, 3”, I try to picture it completed, and then I let it go and go to sleep. I find that if you visualize the several things you want to accomplish tomorrow they tend to get done.

What do you do to overcome overwhelm? Please share in the comments below I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful blissful day!

Becoming a Highly Effective Person Challenge – Review

Good morning 🙂

Thailand 5The next two weeks will be all about review of how the new habits settled, adjust if necessary and try  again.

The only way to fail in habit creation is to not do it, so no matter how you did, as long as you tried, there are no failures here.

Here is my initial review of these past 6 weeks.

New habit #1 – Drinking a cup of clean water with good salt first thing in the morning

This one was the easiest one for me, other than a day or two where i rushed out the door and forgot, I followed this habit every day for the past 6 weeks and I feel this one is a success.

The results of this are incredible too. My memory improved greatly and it continues too. This is an amazing shift for me since I noticed quite a decline in my memory over the last couple of years.

I also feel more energized, happy, positive and hydrated during the day even if I forget to drink during the work day.

How did this affect you? Share your progress in the comments below.

New habit #2 – Daily meditation

This one seems to be really challenging for me.  I tried mid day, evening and night meditation (as I rush out to work in the mornings I haven’t been able to try morning meditations yet). I seem to forget often to do it, or just have trouble sticking to it.

When I did meditate, I was happier, more positive, nothing bothered me, my brain was crystal clear, I could focus better, be more productive and much more.

So why is it that this habit is so hard to implement? Maybe it is my approach.

So for the next two weeks, I will schedule my meditation into my day, I will actually put it in my schedule with a reminder and see if this helps me keep up with it.

Did you succeed in implementing this one? If so, what did you do to help you stick with it?

New habit #3 – Morning gratitude

This one was a little challenging as well. I am not much for a morning person, my energy kicks in late in the evening and lasts through most of the night if I’d let it. I am a true night owl, so remembering to do something first thing when I open my eyes to an alarm clock was difficult.

When I didn’t remember first thing in the morning I remembered later. But closer to the end of the first week I decided to help myself, I did a little sign that says “Thank you” and hang it in my bedroom and I see it every morning and now I remember to say thanks every day.

Now that it is spring, it is easier to remember, there is so much to be grateful for. I wake up and see the mulberry tree outside my window covered with amazing large hanging flowers and I remember to be thankful. I go outside and see all the flowers and the sun on lucky days and I say my thanks.

So this one is also a success, and it helps me feel so fortunate. No matter how small or big the subject is, it makes me realize I have so much to be thankful for and I just feel blissful.


How did your past 6 weeks go? Did you succeed in incorporating these new habits? If not, how will you adjust them in order to incorporate them into your life?

Remember, the only way to fail is not to do anything in the first place. So go on and add love and bliss into your life and celebrate every little success.