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Month: November 2015

A Great One Year Anniversary of a Journey to Bliss

About eleven years ago a book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, somehow appeared in my life. Although now looking back I was still completely in the dark after reading it, the book opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new world, previously completely hidden from me. The book sparked a dim little light at the end of a long tunnel that was previously pitch black. And so began a slow journey to a world of self-discovery, growth and spirituality.

The journey was quite slow for about ten years. My life was slowly changing. Before this journey, I was severely depressed for many years, I was sick A LOT, I hated myself and every part of me, I was in pretty bad relationships, overall life was not pretty. All of a sudden, I was feeling better, I met the love of my life, I was rarely sick, I started eating well, I was more active, I had more energy and more drive. Slowly with a book here and there, some movies, a college nutrition course, just little things came into my life. Until one day, a year ago, I enrolled in a natural nutrition course online which opened my eyes to a whole world of spirituality, energy and much much more. As I researched the resources mentioned in the course, one by one new subjects, people and surprises came into my life.

This week I realized it has only been a year since my accelerated journey began and I was struck by the speed things just rushed into my life. Without even knowing, as I was thinking and talking about each of these new things I learned, many more new resources came into my life. Although I have to admit that in more than one occasion I was completely overwhelmed by the volume of information around me, I was so grateful. Although I cannot learn it all in depth, I do appreciate the opportunity to learn how to select the information I desire and choose my path. I am finally learning to listen to my intuition without it having to scream at me.

Even less than a year ago, I felt lost to school and work. I felt like I completely lost sight of who I am. Trying to do some exercises in order to find my passion in life, I could not come up with anything. One day, the passions just flooded in, I remembered all I loved so deeply and all I wanted to do. This also scared me, being overwhelmed by all these different passions from natural nutrition, horticulture, energy healing, Feng Shui, archaeology, travel, herbology, and many more. I felt like I was schizophrenic. Until that too was solved, it so happens that I am, as so many people are, a multi-passionate person.

This did not help me to find a concrete career path quite yet, but looking back on the last year, I am full of hope and faith. I now know that I need to surrender and take mindful action, no matter how small to keep moving forward and life will unfold beautifully.

So don’t dismiss what comes into your life unexpectedly, embrace it and keep taking action. And always be grateful, because no matter how small, big or inconvenient, every thing is your own creation and a precious gift.