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Day: May 12, 2015

When You Know, You Know

20150507_180518Often I give myself a hard time for not doing more, not exercising more, not picking up new activities, trying, exploring. I thought it was me being shy or lazy. When I commit to something, I follow through, always. Knowing that I think twice, or a hundred times, before committing to anything.

I realized lately that this is incorrect. I commit plenty, and because the commitments become part of my lifestyle I forget I am already doing plenty. We tend to forget the things we are already used to doing and we overlook our progress, our success.

I realized the no matter how shy I think I am, or was, and no matter how I feel about things like confrontation or embarrassment, when it comes to following the important things in life at any cost, I seem to come through.

For example, when I met my husband 10 years ago, I was so shy with guys that in a previous 4 year relationship I almost never called or texted first, I was so shy and insecure that I would never take the first step, never kiss first or do anything. But that day that I saw him, standing there smiling that amazing genuine smile, I just knew he was the ONE. So I asked my friend to introduce us and from that moment on I did many of the firsts and every day I grew to love him more and more, and here we are 10 years later and I still thank the universe for this amazing gift every day. What I did, went against everything that I was but I did it because I just knew.

Another example is my home. For years we had a dream of our perfect home. We both longed for  a home, not a house, but a home. A place where you feel happy, safe, secure. A place to go back to no matter where you are or how long you’ve been gone. A place where no matter what happened to you, you feel comforted and at peace. For two and a half years we looked at listings and viewed houses and nothing came close. Until one day a listing came up.

The moment I saw it I just knew. I insisted we go see it right away. And when we walked on the property, I did not only see my home, but I saw a whole family too. Normally, I am the kind of person who likes to think things over, weight all the options, have all the information. I like to take my time when making a decision. When it came to this house, it was ours two weeks later, no thinking or fussing. And that included a bidding war. I was told that the house was sold and I should keep looking. I just knew this is not the case. I could not comprehend the idea because in my heart and soul this was already my home. So I called back and gave another offer and with a little convincing, it was ours.

Every time I had to get out of my comfort zone because my intuition told me so, I did. Think back, how many of these moments can you remember? How many decisions and commitments did you make that changed your life forever and you rarely think about them now?

Never give yourself a hard time for not doing something, because you do the things that count.

I would so love hearing your story about a life changing moment or decision, please share below.