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Day: January 27, 2015

Just be YOU!

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone was just their authentic self? A world where no one obsessed over what other people think or how they look. A world in which you can follow your deepest desires without being judged by the people who you love the most.

Well, for such a world to exist, we all need to take that first step and promise ourselves to follow our heart as much as possible. Maybe people will judge, maybe they will not approve. But you know what? After they see how happy it makes you to just be YOU, they will be inspired, and who knows, maybe you will start a chain reaction where this spreads like a wildfire and not long after, the world will be just full of followers :).

What will your first step be? Will you wear that shirt you secretly hide in your closet because you fear reactions? Will you take that course even though people may think you are crazy? Will you go to a therapist despite what your family might say? Will you change your diet regardless of what everyone around might think about it? Will you dance like no one is looking? Will you sing like you’re in the shower?

For most of my life I have been so self-conscience about everything, I always thought people were out to get me and everyone is laughing at me. This might sound self-absorbed, but that was my childhood, I was different and for that I was picked on and bullied for most of my 12 years of school, and this kind of thing just sticks with you. But over the years, step by step, I started healing. I was in quite a severe depression for a very significant part of my life because I believed all these people. I believed I was ugly, I believed I was stupid, I believed I was worthless. At some point I even stopped believing anyone who said otherwise. But one day I met someone who loved me for me, all of me, and realized that something made no sense about my view of life. I thank my husband for changing my life and being the turning point which led me to today. Sharing a picture here from that life changing summer. I know the quality is not very good, but it was 2005 and digital pictures were not at their best.

So, I started reading self-help books, that pushed me forward and when they could no longer help I sought professional help. I thank this wonderful therapist in my mind very often for changing my life forever. I always thought something was very wrong with me, but in just a few months I was no longer controlled by the past and the traumas it contained. I then started slowly doing things that scared me for many years. I started driving, I learned how to ride a bike, I became vegan, which just felt so great and authentic to me that I truly make this one of the best decisions of my life to date.

It sometimes seems like progress is slow, and I am so far from where I want to be and who I really am. Then I remember, I did all this, my life is different from what it was last year, it has been changing.

What will you first step be? What will you do to show the world who YOU are?

Lots of love!